Code of Conduct

Our goal is to pursue excellence in all that we do so that our Lord may be glorified. In order to maintain a productive, educational environment the instructors and staff will require proper and respectful behavior from all students.

  1. Students should treat instructors and staff with respect by the way they respond and react to those in authority. Students should not talk or interrupt the teacher while they are talking.
  2. Students should treat other students with respect- keep hands and feet to themselves, not talk while someone else is talking, and speak kindly to and of others. Bullying will NOT be tolerated.
  3. Students should treat the property of the church of New Heights with respect by only staying in assigned areas and not crossing boundaries set by those in authority. No rough play will be permitted as it poses a safety hazard. Students/parents must replace anything they waste, damage, or break.
  4. Only water bottles are allowed in the classrooms.
  5. Students must clean up after themselves after each class. Trash, food, etc. should be thrown away after lunch without being asked.
  6. Students may not bring any electronic devices or toys to school unless asked for by their instructor.
  7. For high school students who have cell phones, they must be put up and away during class time. If they are seen with them out, the phone will be taken up and their parents will be notified. If parents or students need to contact the other, we would ask that they use the Excelsior phone, which is: (803) 743-3118.
  8. Students are not allowed to have visitors. If you are not enrolled at Excelsior, you are not permitted on campus.