High School Courses

2019-20 Classes

High School Courses
High School 1 day per week classes meet on Tuesdays, with the exception of the University Model which meets on Tuesday and Thursdays. Please note that all high school courses have an optional honors component that must be declared at the beginning of the school year. All high school syllabi will be approved by SCAIHS to meet their College Preparatory Track 1. This means that parents will not need to add any extra content to these classes. However, a student may elect to take a course at an Honors Level. This would include extra work to meet Honors Level standards as determined either by SCAIHS or your third option group. Students taking a course at the Honors Level must declare with Excelsior at the beginning of the term because all assignments will be graded at a higher level. There is an Honor’s Society not affiliated with Excelsior that students may join. For more information about qualification, please email EtaOmicronNHSHS@gmail.com

Excelsior desires to prepare our students for college and future endeavors through academic achievement and personal growth. As a result, we expect students to attend all classes. No more than one unexcused absence will be allowed without a parent’s note. Also, students are expected to turn in all assignments on time. All assignments turned in late will receive a deduction in points for each day the assignment is late. Grace for special circumstances will be granted at the teacher’s discretion, only after discussing with the parent. Books for classes are expected to be purchased ahead of time so the student’s progress is not impeded.

– Advanced Drama (1 day / week)
–  Art (1 day / week)

– Fundamentals of Literature – ( 1 day / week)

Foreign Language:
– Spanish 1 ( 1 day / week)
– Spanish 2 (1 day / week)
– Spanish 3 (1 day / week)

– Cultural Geography (1 day / week)

– Advanced Math (1 day / week)
– Algebra 1 (1 day / week)
– Algebra 2 (1 day / week)
– Geometry (1 day / week)

– Biology 1 (1 day / week)
– Chemistry (1 day / week)
– Earth Science (1 day / week)

University Model: 
– Literature,  History, and Elective: 9th & 10th Grade  (2 days/week)
– Literature,  History, and Elective: 11th & 12th Grade  (2 days/week)