Here’s what our parents are saying about Excelsior!

  • “Excelsior has been a part of our homeschooling journey from day one and ten years later, we wouldn’t change a thing. The academic bar is set high, the atmosphere is centered on honoring Christ, and the ability to make the best of friends are just a few reasons why we love Excelsior!”
  • “As a former public school teacher, I worried that my children would miss out on some aspects of a traditional school experience that are beneficial……having to wait patiently in line, waiting your turn to speak, seeing friends on a regular basis and building relationships with other trusted adults. Excelsior has met and exceeded our expectations for this and more. The teachers our children have had over the last 5 years truly love them and have given me feedback about them that is objective and helpful for their instruction at home. They have built relationships with other children and look forward to their time with them both in the classroom and outside of it. And the curriculum that has been chosen for our children to study has benefited our whole family and has helped us all to learn more about history, how it all fits together and how God has had His hand in it all. We LOVE Excelsior and look forward to many more years to come as members of the Excelsior Family!”